About Us

DFGR is a dynamic specialist recruitment organisation with a remit to fulfill job vacancies in this rapidly expanding sector.

Our aim is to provide a fresh and forward-thinking approach to an industry which some would regard as being tired and set in its ways.

Our success is implicitly founded on our positive outlook, pro-active attitude and rigorous attention to detail. Indeed, we believe that a successful outcome for all parties involves a procedure that incorporates detailed planning and an understanding that the needs of each of our clients and candidates are unique.

Like the industry in which we operate, our foundation is built upon the need for utmost precision at all times, so that we have a unique understanding of the skills required for the positions that we are looking to fill and an insight in to the mind-set and aptitude of the candidates themselves.

With most of our business coming from referrals, we strive to provide a positive and proficient recruitment experience at all times so that our clients and candidates alike champion our growing reputation and share it with others.

With that in mind, our primary ethos is to underpin our business with a strict code of conduct that allows us to provide the most professional and efficient service in the industry. We consistently strive to deliver real added-value to our clients by finding the right candidate within the shortest time frame possible. In the same vein, we focus strongly on providing our applicants with the most pertinent opportunities and advice.

On behalf of the team here, we look forward to helping all our clients to fulfill their business objectives and recruitment needs and to finding our candidates their dream job.

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