What Does AI Powered Recruitment Do?


In its simplest form, artificial intelligence is a computer system designed to carry out tasks, make effective decisions and continuously learn from them. Basically, it is supposed to carry out a task which would require human intervention and learn to do it effectively. Self-driving cars, chatbots and manufacturing robots are a few examples that rely heavily on AI.

What is the future of AI? It’s a common perspective these days about AI and robots and how they will take all of our jobs. I believe as time and technology advances, robots will be capable of performing duties which one could never imagine right now. Production line staff, drivers and even surgeons can be replaced by AI powered robots but there would still be some professions which require a human touch.

No matter how much AI is incorporated into the recruitment processes, it will always require a human touch. You need intuition, the instinctive gut feeling, and judgment to decide whether the person will actually be a good fit or not. Maybe software can assess hard skills better than us but soft skills like emotional intelligence and confidence and things like personality and other traits cannot be evaluated by machines.

What AI will do and can do for recruitment is help in tracking down great candidates by skimming the internet. Automated AI machines will make contact with the candidates and conduct first stage interviews. Another major contribution would be the elimination of bias from recruitment processes. Interviews and CV assessments will also be standardized.

Obviously you will still have to make the final decision on the right candidate but imagine how much time and effort does it save you if AI does all the work up until that point. These AI practices are already in place but AI right now is in its basic form.

That is the future of AI powered recruitment. Although AI might have a bad reputation as some believe human interaction is essential, there is no denying how much better and faster recruitment would become.


Written by DFGR Research Team

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