Amazon uses AI tool for Cyber Security


TechCrunch has reported that Amazon has acquired AI-based cyber-security company According to its website, uses AI-based algorithms to identify the most important documents and intellectual property of a business, then combines user behavior analytics with data loss prevention techniques to protect them from cyber attacks. already had ties to Amazon, as a customer who was featured in an AWS Startup Spotlight article, which focuses on innovative and disruptive young companies. boasts former members of the National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Defense (DoD), as well as former employees of Websense and  FireEye, Inc .

Newsweek further added: MIT has been experimenting with a novel approach to application of AI in cyber security. By pairing a system with a human counterpart and applying supervised learning, the system was able to detect 85 percent of threats. Over time, that success rate is sure to improve. The task of cyber security seems ideally suited to AI applications.

The ability to digest a magnitude of data in a short time and match real-time situations against a set of specified criteria seems tailor made for the platform. Add to this AI’s ability to learn over time and it seems inevitable that there would be a merging of these technologies.


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