Businesses using AI See Huge Growth in Jobs and Sales


A recent study conducted by Capgemini revealed that organisations that are implementing AI, either as a pilot or at scale, found 83% of firms saying that the technology has actually generated new roles in their organisation.

The research, “Turning AI into concrete value: the successful implementers’ toolkit,” surveyed nearly 1,000 organisations with revenues of more than $500 million to see the impact it is having.

In terms of job creation, many of the new roles were considered senior level. Two out of every three jobs created by AI at these firms was for a position of manager or above. Job loss was also fairly limited, with 63% reporting no job loss due to AI, according to a press release announcing the report findings.

“What we really want to do is to use humans to the best of their capabilities,” Michael Natusch, global head of AI at Prudential, said in the release. “AI is taking away the time humans previously spent on repetitive issues and allowing them to focus on where human intelligence can drive value – for both themselves and for customers.”

The fact that AI was leading to more senior-level jobs led researchers to posit that many firms might view AI as a way to reduce time spent on repetitive or routine tasks, the release said. As part of their AI investments, 71% of those surveyed said they had invested in re-training initiatives to ready their employees for utilizing the AI tools, Tech Republic reported.

“AI has the capacity to revolutionize every business in every market sector; its potential is broad and unlimited. However, we are seeing a large contrast between those who are rolling out applied AI solutions at scale and reaping tangible business benefits, versus those who are simply trialing the technology,” Ron Tolido, CTO for the Insights & Data Practice at Capgemini, said in the release.

The release also highlighted that established and highly regulated sectors are leading on AI innovation: 49 percent of telcos, 41 percent of retailers and 36 percent of banking institutions have seen the highest implementation of AI at scale, however, automotive (26 percent) and manufacturing (20 percent) industries are those currently with the lowest levels of utilization among companies implementing AI.


Written by DFGR Research Team.

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