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Troy: Cyber Hijack and public naivety

Upon watching this documentary, I realise the naivety children and adults possess within the technology of this era. I had been aware of cyber attacks also known as “hacking” but were not aware fully of the severity of hacking, and the helplessness of those being attacked. Equally surprising were the interviews shown in the documentary, […]


Press Release – London based Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Recruitment firm goes global.

London based Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Recruitment firm goes global Digital Forensics Global Recruitment is bringing back the confidence regarding the importance of niche market recruitment experts. Having already won a number of large international staffing and procurement contracts it is full steam ahead for DFGR. Their rapid growth and expansion plans to cover […]


DFGR – Graduate Assessment Centres

Digital Forensics Global Recruitment Limited invites you to attend one of our monthly Graduate Recruitment & Assessment Day. The purpose of this events is ultimately to give guidance to and assess graduates who demonstrate key work place skills needed for one or more of our partner clients. As an invited attendee, we hope that by […]


Top 10 Countries With The Highest Employment Rate

COUNTRY Percentage of working population in 2014  Iceland 80.9%  Switzerland 79.0% Norway 75.2% Sweden 74.6% New Zealand 74.5% Netherlands 73.7% Germany 73.4% Austria 72.5% Japan 72.4% Canada 72.3% Fig1. Employment rates, calculated as the ratio of the employed to the working age population. Scandinavia rules- Iceland has highest percentage of employed individuals in the world […]


Advice to help Internal Investigations run smoothly! Practical tips:

The goals of an internal investigation are to understand the nature and scope of the issue and to take necessary remedial action promptly. To be truly effective, an organization should aim to achieve these goals while minimizing the impact on the company’s routine business operations. In multinational companies the regulatory and investigative climate is challenging.  […]

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