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UK MP’s Hard Stance on Cyber Defences

A parliamentary report last week said: Britain’s government has taken too long to coordinate an “alphabet soup” of agencies tasked with protecting the country from an ever-increasing risk of cyber attack.’ The Public Accounts Committee report said that as of last April there were at least 12 separate organizations in Britain responsible for protecting information, […]


Build a successful career in Cyber Security

  As businesses globally report a shortage of cyber security professionals; the demand for them has increased exponentially. This is a market where job seekers have the upper hand as companies are looking for fresh and skilled cyber talent. Here we’ve compiled a list of useful tips on how to forge a successful career in […]


The Rise of Cyber Security Insurance

A survey conducted by the Risk and Insurance Management Society in September found that 80% of the companies bought a stand-alone cybersecurity policy in 2016. This implies that policies covering exclusively cyber exposures is now common practise for many large companies, as reported by CFO. The annual RIMS cyber survey polled 272 respondents on issues […]


These are the most sought-after skills by Tech Companies

A recent analysis by the Burning Glass database of job postings collected from more than 40,000 websites, job boards, and online sources reveal the 10 hard-to-find tech skills. The data covers September 2015 to August 2016. In the technology world today where cloud computing and cybersecurity are one of the hottest emerging sectors, it is […]


Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Airbnb and others shut in Cyberattack

Major internet services including Twitter and Spotify suffered temporary outages on Friday as a US internet provider Dyn came under a massive cyber attack. According to GMA news: The internet service company Dyn said that it had suffered a denial of service (DDoS) attack on its domain name service shortly after 1100 GMT, but that services […]

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