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Isle of Man Tests Blockchain Prototype for IoT

The government of the Isle of Man has announced its latest blockchain proof-of-concept. Profiled today in Financial News, the project is a collaboration with blockchain startup Credits that finds the two partners exploring whether the technology can be used to help keep Internet of Things (IoT) devices from being compromised. Credits co-founder Nick Williamson told the new source that […]


Singapore’s New Bill Set To Toughen Up Cybersecurity Measures

Last week, new cyber security laws to tighten up Singapore’s defences against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks were put up for public consultation. Among other things, they proposed requiring CII owners of 11 key sectors to report cyber security incidents and to share information with the authorities when ordered. The draft Cybersecurity Bill also proposes to […]


Are Traditional Passwords Suffering a Slow Death?

The death of the password could finally be here, and all at the hands of multi-factor authentication instead of the normal single factor authentication like normal everyday passwords. With today’s modern technology, a move is on the horizon that will take place of the traditional password in order to make room for newer more updated […]


What is IT Assurance?

When discussing IT assurance, as well as its benefits and its disadvantages, we must first be familiar with what the term IT assurance signifies. IT assurance refers to things such as precautions or steps that companies take in order to protect and secure their information systems. These Information Systems can range from either being internal […]


Must-Attend Fintech Events in Switzerland This Year

Fintech Switzerland has compiled an exciting list of several fintech events are scheduled in 2017 that will tackle some of the hottest trends in the financial technology sector including cryptocurrencies, blockchain, investing, peer-to-peer lending, trade finance as well as the regulatory landscape and Switzerland’s position in the global fintech landscape. Here are the top ten […]

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