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3 Keys For Finding The Perfect Job 

It may be easier said than done, but working to find the perfect job is an investment that is sure to payback in heavy returns. While the idea of “pefect” is subjective, the happiest people in the world are ones that have the perfect job. So what is the perfect job? The perfect job is […]


How To Get Your Foot in the Door as a Contractor

The process for finding contractor work is very different from seeking permanent employment – Here are 5 tips for finding contract work fast: Create a contractor CV – short, tailored, focused and targeted A great contractor CV is the first step towards finding work as a contractor. It should include a targeted profile, skills, achievements and career history. Customise the CV to highlight […]


How To Market Yourself!

If your name was a brand, what would your brand say about you? We all know the things we’re supposed to do to help us get a job: have a great CV, use the right buzzwords in our cover letters, prepare well and ask the right questions in interviews etc. But none of this is much use if you […]


Blockchain LinkedIn Job Posts See a Sharp Increase

Businesses are increasingly looking out for staff with skills related to blockchain technologies. According to FT, Experts say demand for blockchain expertise is far outstripping supply, making it one of the hottest areas for technology recruitment. As thousands of blockchain-based start-ups are being created, established companies in many sectors from financial services to retail are […]


What Does AI Powered Recruitment Do?

In its simplest form, artificial intelligence is a computer system designed to carry out tasks, make effective decisions and continuously learn from them. Basically, it is supposed to carry out a task which would require human intervention and learn to do it effectively. Self-driving cars, chatbots and manufacturing robots are a few examples that rely […]

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