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How To be a Great Team Player?

When we look at the success stories of big corporate companies, we always notice that team work is very important. Gathering the right team is one of the obvious reasons for success. Of course being part of a great team and just being one of the smart people in the group are different things. Those […]


How Recruitment Companies Help You Land a Dream Job

In most occasions, when a candidate would be actively looking for a position in a company and has a desire to work in a particular company that they’ve been eyeing for a while, the natural next step would be to check if the company has any vacancies. If not, the candidate would simply move on […]


Things to Consider Before a Career Change

Here are points to help you clarify whether your urge for a career change is a passing impulse or a signal to be taken seriously. Where we work and our career choices definitely have an impact on our lives, our financial situation, our own well being etc. We all want to be healthy, happy and […]


What employers mean when they say “You’re overqualified”?

After meeting all the requirements for a job vacancy and having experience of many years within the same roles, few times when applying for a new job, a situation occurs when the employer says ‘sorry but you are overqualified’. But isn’t that a good thing? Let’s look into what employers really mean and believe when […]


Why Job Descriptions Play a Crucial Part in Hiring?

Most of the employees still don’t very much like to write job descriptions every time they have a vacancy. They don’t always realize the importance of it when it actually comes to recruitment. Everyone knows what job description is. It gives you the responsibilities of the job, the experiences or skills that a candidate has […]

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