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Five things on your CV that will get you rejected

Whether you are making your CV for the first time or revamping an old one, here are five things to avoid on your CV and maximise your chances of getting that dream job. Never make it too personal: Including your nationality in your CV is already a step too far, let alone how many times […]


How to Improve Background Checks

As recruiters, do you ask your candidates about their criminal records or if they had been arrested before? You probably skip such questions. But then if the hiring manager or a client of yours calls and tells you that you found them a candidate who has a criminal record and in fact was in prison for […]


Recruiting: Keep it Simple, Keep it Specific

If we were to think of what the most suitable methods of recruitment, or if we were to think what the most successful ways candidates usually land jobs with clients are, not only would we be coming up with the perfect methodology to find a hire for both recruitment companies and for candidates and clients […]


Hiring Fresh Grads? Let the Business Jargon Slide

Have you at any point read a job advert and didn’t quite understand what the position really entails? As indicated by research from Business in the Community, this is a noteworthy barrier for young people on a job hunt. Through the span of a year, young candidates aged 16 to 24 were made a request […]


How to Land Your Dream Job With These Top Interview Tips

Yes, you have inspired them with your CV and completed your application form. You may have aced tests and now it finally comes to meeting in person. It is now your opportunity to rise and shine and show the interviewer that you have the right skills for the job and you will be suitable for […]

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