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Reports Calls for Reformative Actions on Cyber Security Front in Netherlands

The Dutch government and Dutch companies are very poorly protected against cyber attacks and crime, according to a report by the Rathenau Institute. Current measures against cyber threats are insufficient and strengthening cyber security in the Netherlands should be a higher priority, the report says according to ANP. The report, titled A never run race was done at […]


Russian Government Agents Charged in Yahoo Hacking Scandal

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has been investigating the intrusion for two years, but it was only in late 2016 that the full scale of the hack became apparent. On Wednesday, the FBI indicted four people for the attack, two of whom are Russian spies. The hack affected half a billion accounts. The US Government says, […]


Mobile-Only Banking takes off with 1000 users registering daily

Berlin-based N26 has laid claim to becoming Europe’s leading mobile-only bank, growing its user base to 300,000 and recording a seven-fold growth in transaction volumes over the past year. Operating in 17 markets across the EU, the two-year old bank has processed more than EUR3 billion in transaction volumes since inception, with 60% of the […]


Alphabet Launches Urban Dictionary for Cyber Security Jargon

Technical jargon makes it harder to understand the tools and technologies shaping our daily lives. And unfortunately there’s plenty about technology that can be confusing. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simpler way to understand complex technology? This is where the Sideways Dictionary comes in.  Find out more about how it work in this video.  Alphabet’s Jigsaw group […]


Singapore’s Central Bank Completes Blockchain Payments Pilot Successfully

Powered by blockchain and its digital currency, the Monetary Authority of Singapore completed its first inter-bank blockchain payments proof-of-concept. Yesterday, MAS announced  that the project had “achieved the objectives of producing a digital representation of the Singapore dollar for interbank settlement.” Crypto Coins News reported, working in partnership with New York-based blockchain startup R3, prominently known for leading […]

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