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Five Upcoming Big Data Technologies in the UK

According to a report published by Wikibon, Big Data market will reach $92.2B by 2026.  The market for big data software, hardware, and professional services grew to $22.6 billion last year and  are expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 14.4% to $92.2 billion by 2026. As the market for Big Data continues […]


Details of 780K jobseekers exposed in Michael Page Data Breach

Michael Page, a British-based, global recruitment firm, has been hacked. Personal information of 780,000 applicants was stolen and exposed online. It included personal information such as full names, email address, telephone numbers, locations, sectors, job types and current positions. The massive data hack is being claimed as one of the biggest security breaches to hit […]


Google’s AI creates its Own Encryption

Google Brain has created two artificial intelligences that evolved their own cryptographic algorithm to protect their messages from a third AI, which was trying to evolve its own method to crack the AI-generated crypto. The study was a success: the first two AIs learnt how to communicate securely from scratch. In a paper by researchers at […]


James Dyson’s New University Aims to End IT Skill Shortage

The Brexit-backing inventor Sir James Dyson has established a new Institute of Technology which is set to open in autumn 2017. The aim, Sir James says is to create home-grown talent and tackle the issue of skill shortages in engineering. According to BBC, The £15m institute will be based at Dyson’s campus in Malmesbury in […]


Top 10 Buzzwords Among UK Recruiters on LinkedIn

In the ever changing HR and recruiting space, new buzzwords periodically become part of the recruitment jargon. However, the use of buzzwords is mostly considered to be all style and no substance. Richard George, Corporate Communications Manager for EMEA at LinkedIn, urges recruiters to “ditch the jargon”. He explains: “Social media has changed the search and hiring […]

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