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Troy: Cyber Hijack and public naivety

Upon watching this documentary, I realise the naivety children and adults possess within the technology of this era. I had been aware of cyber attacks also known as “hacking” but were not aware fully of the severity of hacking, and the helplessness of those being attacked. Equally surprising were the interviews shown in the documentary, […]


We should educate students more on internet security not just safety

Last night I watched ‘Troy: Cyber Hijack’, for those who haven’t seen it; it is a documentary aimed at the younger generation whom have been brought up the technical world where new technology continues to further develop each day. This particular shows highlights just how dangerous the virtual world can be if you are not […]


Killer robots are taking over the world!

As you may or may not know there are plenty of robots considered as killers from autonomous war machines, guns and tanks.  Lethal autonomous robotics, or LARs, have “no emotion or sense of mercy,” Carr said. Killer robots have been used largely at a global scale even if they are a threat to humanity. These […]


World Corruption- Country Rankings

On October 13th, 2015, a release of the world’s most corrupt countries in the form of a colour map, with red showing a high level of corruption and yellow a low level, has been updated by the charity organisation ‘Transparency International’. A scale to 100 is also used, with 100 being extremely clean, and 1 […]


Top Ten Weekly Vacancies

DFGR is a comprehensive consultancy that offers recruitment solutions within its niche market. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing support and advice at all times throughout the recruitment cycle. We aim to focus on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and matching this with the aspirations of professionals in the field. Resourcing and […]

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