Cyber Discovery Program Launches in UK schools


A joint consortium led by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is seeking to enroll school pupils into a cyber security programme that is to be launched in schools across the UK.

The initiative called ‘Cyber Discovery’ aims to ‘find the next generation of cyber security talent. With some £20 million worth of investment, the program is aimed at young people in years 10 to 13.

Techworld reported, Jason Stanton, schools programme manager for consortium member Cyber Security Challenge, explained how the ultimate goal is to address the cyber security skills gap.

The consortium launched a website this week that invites pupils to register for the programme. Following that, they’ll be pushed towards a cyber assessment through a series of challenges that get progressively more difficult, with the aim of testing a variety of underlying skills.

“We’re hoping for thousands and thousands of students across England in the first year to go through the assessment portal, and then from that we will invite X number of students through to the larger platform that sits behind it,” Stanton says. “Here there are hundreds and hundreds of hours of challenges, which is all aesthetically pleasing and works really smoothly, all in a browser, which I think is really important.”


Written by DFGR Research Team

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