Dark Web Investigation Reveals Huge Trade of Fake Identity Documents


Forged British passports, documents including driving licences and utility bills, as well as GCSE certificates are being sold to criminals on the hidden dark web.

An undercover investigation discovered British passports and fake documents are being sold on the dark web for ‘as little as £800.’

According to The Times, University of East London carried out the investigation with a research team.‘The academics found a trade of nearly £2 million in identity documents, including EU identity cards for £142 and driving licences from EU countries for £419.

“During our research, 84 scans and photos of passports were on sale, with 12 physical passports also being offered,” Dr Baravalle, a senior lecturer in computing, said. “A physical UK passport can be bought as cheaply as £752, while scanned passports can be purchased for as little as £7, and can be bought in bulk, with a wide range of countries to choose from.’’

Drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine and guns are also readily available for sale on the website under investigated. Forged UK driving licences, templates for faking British Gas accounts,Barclays and HSBC bank statements, fake GCSE results and university degrees were also on offer, according to The Times

The investigators found eight sellers offering multiple British passports amongst which, one of the passports was described as “custom”, suggesting that it could be tailor made for the user.

The investigation also found a total of 1,233 sellers and 20 different countries of origin operating on the web. The onlin trade market is dominated by the US and Britain.

The dark web poses an imminent danger for security agencies due to the repercussions of the criminal activity online.


Written by DFGR Research Team –

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