Essential Tips For Writing Effective Job Adverts


For an effective recruitment drive, it is essential to write a clear job advert. You can bring lots of advantages to your recruitment strategy by being really good at your advertising. It will be possible to attract candidates faster, therefore; you will actually save time in the hiring process and costs of advertising. Carefully written job advert will provide candidates with a great first impression, both for the role and your company.

On the other hand, HR and recruitment professionals are usually quite busy and occupied with administration staff so there isn’t much spare time for them to spend on writing the job advert.

Here are some tips from that will help you to improve your job adverts and make an actual influence on the responses that you are getting from your campaign.

– Making sure of understanding the role

It’s quite significant that you have a solid understanding of the vacancy before creating the job advert. If you don’t clearly understand what the candidate will be doing in his job, it is very likely that you won’t be able to put that in writing in an unclear way. So make sure that you understand the role maybe double check with your hiring manager.

– Including a salary

Including a salary to your job advert will be one of the fastest ways to improve your responses. It helps to attrack candidates. It also gives an idea to candidate about the level of the role. So it is very likely that you will get more relavent responses and of course candidates.

-Removing any jargon or internal acronyms

It is quite useful to go through the advert one more time before the go ahead, checking if there are any terms of jargons that will sound too confusing to others. It is best to refrain from using a lot of business talk. So that everyone will understand it clearly.

– Including information about your culture

Candidates will really want to know what would it be like working in your company. Not just explaining about what the business does, make sure include some information about your envirenment and company culture. It will also allow potential candidates to identify whether they would be a good cultural fit for the company.

-Reading your advert out loud

It is definitely best to re read after finishing your advert out load. You may notice grammer mistakes you made while writing or fixing the meaning complexities. So don’t forget to take couple of minutes to re read before finishing up.

-Listing the essential requirements clearly

It is adviseble to list all essential requirements as bullet points rather than explaining them in 2-3 paragraphs within the advert. It will be easier to understand and will improve your chances to attrack more candidates.

-Reading other job adverts

It is significant that your job advert to be original and explain about your business clearly. So it is good to do some researh on couple of well-known recruitment sites and going through other job adverts that similar to your business. You may take notes about the points that you don’t like and ways on how to change them in a better way.

– Check if your offering is competitive

While going through other job adverts, you should check benefits and salary packages for similar types of positions within the same location as you are. So that you will have an idea about your offer whether it is competiitve or not.

-Adding extra useful information

Try to ad as many as possible useful practical information on your job advert. Such as working days and hours, if travel flexbility needed or not and iInclude candidate’s reporting manager etc. It will definitely give you a better turn out from candidates.

-Add in a clear call-to-action

One another important thing is to add a point of contact for candidate to be able to apply for the position or simlpy a small paragraph of explaning how the application process will continue.

These small changes will take couple more minutes of your time but will definitely give you a better response rate.


Written by DFGR Research Team

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