Hottest Robotics Startups in the UK


The robotics market is set to reach $226 billion worldwide by 2021, according to market intelligence company Tractica, more than six times its current value.

Research by CB Insights suggests British startups currently account for six percent of the global market, but a growing ecosystem of ambitious visionaries supported by the recently-announced £17.3 million of funding from the government means many are well-positioned to become world-leaders in the sector.

Here are some of the best start ups UK has to offer:

Botskill helps brands take their first steps in using bots to handle routine customer enquiries. The startup has developed a SaaS platform that provides fast no-code chatbot generation for businesses.

Reach Robotics has developed MechaMonsters- small, four-legged robots that can interact with their owners and each other. It is developing monster robots controlled by mobile devices to use with video games.

MapleBird, a company at the forefront of developing tiny Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), opening up possibilities for sophisticated reconnaissance by civilian services and industrial plant inspection through to personal drones controlled through a smartphone.

Reading-based startup Generic Robotics works on technology that lets users create, feel, manipulate or alter simulated 3D objects in a virtual environment. The team is building the world’s first general purpose simulated training platform for dentists and doctors with this tech. The SimuTouch system is designed to provide a safe and versatile way to learn complex clinical procedures.

Cambridge Medical Robotics is developing a next-generation robotic system that could make it affordable and universally accessible. The startup has already successfully tested the performance of the platform on cadavers.

Last but not the least, Automata was founded in January 2015 to democratise robotics by lowering costs and improving usability. The company plans to use a robotics-as-a-service (RAAS) business model to integrate robotics into existing workflows more efficiently and to bring automation to new markets. Automata has attracted undisclosed quantities of seed funding from ABB Technology Ventures (ATV) and LocalGlobe.

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Written by DFGR Research Team.

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