Ireland’s Big Data Tsunami


Even before a couple of big names decided to locate their headquarters in Dublin few years ago, Ireland already had the upper hand in the most significant integration between business and technology in history. With the arrival of companies like Zalando to the Irish market came a job fiesta for STEM graduates and data scientists who would work in R&D and opened doors for other companies to come to Ireland.

Twenty years ago, technology was not a mainstream entity of daily life or businesses but now almost everything is done using a device of some sort and all devices connected to one another by the internet and communicating in the language of data. Businesses benefit heftily and sometimes effortlessly if they combine data to figure out ways to serve customers better or basically sell more products and services.

Previously, this field was better known as ‘Business Intelligence’ and this was a time when it was known to be used by casinos who used their gathered data in order to scoop all the money out of a once a year visitor’s pocket.

This data driven thinking is extending to every facet of life and especially sports. There are technologies that help athletes and clubs around the world get insights to ensure peak performance.

After companies like Zalando, Accenture, LexisNexis Risk Solution started taking active part in Ireland’s market and other big companies also aggressively invested in their operations in Ireland, the path into future for the data analytics market was lit and legit, with salaries in big data and analytics varying from €40,000 a year for a junior business analyst, right up to €65,000 for data governance managers, €85,000 for data warehouse architects and €100,000+ for heads of data governance.

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