Cyber Security Manager – £90k – London

Our client is a well-established firm providing financial services globally. They are currently seeking a Cyber Security Manager.
Your duties will include

  • Understanding, mapping and navigating complex IT environments, and identifying a compromised environment and correlate data from multiple sources to evaluate the scope and impact of a breach
  • Supporting customers in proactively planning for and defending against a variety of cyber threats
  • Forensically securing, preserving and capturing volatile or physical disk data from workstations, laptops, servers and network infrastructure devices; ensuring that the evidential integrity of the data is not compromised.
  • Performing in-depth forensic analysis on captured logs, network traffic , volatile memory or host images to identify and trace breach indicators and develop actionable threat intelligence
  • Drafting reports and presentations to explain findings and recommendations.

The successful candidate will have

  •  Deep knowledge of Windows system internals and live memory using tools such as the SysInternals suite, RegRipper, Volatility, HBGary Responder or Mandiant Redline.
  • Experience of gleaning and analysing security information from enterprise network and host based sensors, such as IDS/IPS systems, HIDS, SIEMs, AD controllers and firewalls.
  • Expertise analysing raw network traffic captures or deployment and use of network forensics or monitoring devices such as FireEye, Solera, SNORT or Netwitness.
  • Consulting experience deploying and using enterprise products such as HBGary Active Defense, Mandiant MIR or EnCase Cybersecurity.
  • Knowledge of malware analysis and sandboxing with applications like, WireShark, CaptureBAT or Cuckoo Sandbox and the ability to reverse engineer and debug malware samples using tools such as IDA Pro, Responder Pro or OllyDbg, including defeating anti debugging, packing and obfuscation techniques.
  • Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python, Perl or PowerShell and their use in forensic analysis & live incident response, or experience using other programming languages to develop software for host-centric, network-centric or log-centric security analysis.
  • Highly skilled in forensic capture & investigation tools such as EnCase, X-Ways, SIFT or F-Response.

In return

This role will allow you to work for a leader in professional services. Our client offers an excellent benefits package, a flexible working environment and a dedication to your development through career opportunities within one of the largest financial institutions in the UK.

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