Parents are Warned of the Dangers of Children on Smart Phones

According to a poll held by BBC Learning, many parents are still unaware of the dangers their children face when using smartphones and tablets. It was found that almost 1 in every 5 children who took part had witnessed something online that had upset them.   A study that was held separately that discovered over […]


$20 Device Can Remotely Hack and Control Your Car

Image source: In a world almost completely digital we should all feel comfortable and safe, but could we be in more danger now than we ever were? For every Smart device we create, we may be creating another risk, another difficulty and possibly a very dangerous world to live in. At present, hacking is […]


Cyber Security Centre Invests in an Educational Collaboration

Univ, Nevada has a new Cyber Security Centre which will collect research, create and trial new ideas designed to protect systems from cyber attacks as well as teach all of this to their students.   Information source:       “We will be taking a holistic approach to cyber security, blending the technical aspects of protecting […]


Jailed: Serial Fraudster

A woman from Willenhall has been jailed after officials discovered she had made several fraudulent claims to insurers. The accused, Emma Fisher, claimed under false circumstances such as losing a baby, dying from cancer and being a victim of domestic abuse. Emma was found guilty of 22 successful fraudulent claims and an additional 43 that […]

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