The University of Kent Selected for UK’s New Cyber Threat Research Institute

The 1st of April 2013 saw the opening of new Research Institute for cyber threats; the University of Kent having been specially selected as the academic research arm of the project. A grant of £4.5 million pounds will allow the University’s School of Computing to review and design automatic analysing programmes to tighten up on […]


Competency Based Interview Questions

Competency based questions are becoming more widely used as a way of screening and interviewing candidates. They aim of them is to assess skills and abilities rather than focusing solely on the experience on a candidates CV and producing empty answers. A candidate that aces a competency based interview will show that they have capabilities […]


Bank In Trouble Again For AML Breaches

The world’s local bank is in trouble again. The latest anti money laundering crisis that links HSBC to proceeds of crime this time involves Argentina. Fresh accusations have arisen since the $1.9bn settlement between HSBC and the US authorities back in December. The Argentine led charges currently before the federal court system relate to a […]


Obtaining Computer Forensic Evidence: Companies Using Unqualified Professionals

As with all forensic evidence, the methods used to investigate, store and present information is essential to any legal proceedings of which it may be subject. Computer forensics is no exception. Since many organisations in modern day have the vast majority of their data stored electronically, an understanding of best practice for interrogation procedures is […]


Children as Young as 11 are Stealing Online Data

A recent report released by antivirus company, AVG has detailed how children as young 11 are writing programmes to steal virtual currency through accessing social media and gaming accounts with hacking codes. Many of the codes were devised with basic coding tools such as Visual Basic and C# whilst sloppy mistakes like revealing the original […]

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