The 3 Necessary Elements for Effective Information Security Management

Seeing all these really bad information security incidents and privacy breaches, often daily, are so disappointing. Let’s consider these four in particular: The Sony hack that seems to continue to get worse as more details are reported. An ER nurse using the credit cards of patients. Breaches of Midwest Women’s Healthcare patient records due to […]


Why The Banking Industry Has Changed Forever

The colossal rise of the Internet and more recently Mobile Applications has led to a significant change in Banking. The retail and commercial banking markets in the UK are dominated by HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Spanish-owned Santander – all of which now offer a mobile banking service. Customers are no longer reliant on […]


SLA Partnership’s Managing Director, Sarah Landry has been appointed as a Trustee Director for MYT

Sarah Landry, SLA Partnership’s (SLA Digital Forensics, SLA Sales & SLA Executive Search are under SLA Partnership) owner and director has been supporting & donating money to Medway Youth Trust throughout some years. She believes enhancing young peoples lives and giving them greater opportunities is most important for the society as a whole and this […]


Making sure your CV stands for Certain Victory!

Is there a perfect CV? most probably not…however there are a number of ways to make sure your CV will stand out. In this day and age the majority of advertised positions are oversubscribed, in fact it is extremely unlikely to find one that isn’t. Therefore competition for jobs is rife and the margin for […]

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