Is GOTCHA an effective way to protect data?  Image source: A new password system that includes inkblots has been developed by the University of Carnegie Mellon. This system aims to increase the level of protection for data stolen from websites such as passwords. The system would be ideal in protecting large value accounts (medical […]


$3.4M Per Hour Spent On Cyber Attacks Over Christmas

Holiday shopping season thought to be most popular for sophisticated attacks, according to RSA study.    Image source:   A recently published study showed that upcoming holiday season, naturally busy for shoppers, would provide a perfect time for attackers as they aim to catch enterprises at their weakest and most vulnerable. “According to a new […]


British Man Accused of US Hacking

The BBC news stated yesterday that a British man, aged 28, has been arrested with the suspicion of hacking into US military and US government computer systems. The accused, Lauri Love from Stradishall in Suffolk, has been released until February on bail. The arrest was made under the Computer Misuse Act. He is thought to […]


NCA – Cyber Crime Unit Now Operational

“The unit is designed to provide a “powerful” and “highly visible” investigative response to the most serious incidents of cyber crime, according to the NCA website.”- In an attempt for the UK’s NCA (National Crime Agency) to prevent and fight cyber-crime, a new NCCU (National Cyber Crime Unit) has been launched and is now […]


New Research: Volatile Memory Attacks can be Detected

New research shows Hackers can be detected by the processing delays created by in-memory attacks. According to a recent research, attacks on the volatile memory of a computer can be found and detected through an advanced and detailed analysis of what is known as ‘processor behaviour’. Security Vendor Triumfant’s researchers have discovered that attacks known […]

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