UK Arrest 4 for Cyber Theft from Banks

Image source: A suspected theft of £1million from two UK banks has resulted in the arrest of four suspects, according to London police.   Metropolitan police have reclaimed £80,000 in cash, what appears to be a hand grenade, a range Rover, computers and a number of luxury goods from two addresses.   The investigation […]


Salted Hash – The Future for Passwords?

All over the news is story after story of hacking’s involving the theft of log in details for online accounts. Experts have come up with ideas such as GOTCHA and encryption to try and prevent any theft being useful however, they all have weaknesses. A hacker that has stolen encrypted data including passwords can also […]


Brands Risk Losing Consumers over Security Breaches

Imagine leaving the keys to your house with someone who promises you they’ll look after them, and then later find out that they left your house unattended with the front door wide open? Would you trust that person again? Now think of all the online accounts you have, anything you have signed up for through […]



Is GOTCHA an effective way to protect data?  Image source: A new password system that includes inkblots has been developed by the University of Carnegie Mellon. This system aims to increase the level of protection for data stolen from websites such as passwords. The system would be ideal in protecting large value accounts (medical […]


$3.4M Per Hour Spent On Cyber Attacks Over Christmas

Holiday shopping season thought to be most popular for sophisticated attacks, according to RSA study.    Image source:   A recently published study showed that upcoming holiday season, naturally busy for shoppers, would provide a perfect time for attackers as they aim to catch enterprises at their weakest and most vulnerable. “According to a new […]

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