Employment Changes in 2013

What we know so far: Governmental employment law consultations throughout 2012 have resulted in indications of legislative change for this year and beyond. However, as yet there is a lack of detail in some areas and a timescale which is yet to be clarified. The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill is expected to receive Royal […]


CV Essentials

Presentation A CV must be clear and easy to read, if it is not the prospective employer or recruiter will be have difficulty digesting the information on it. A well laid out structure on crisp white paper usually works best. Also spelling and grammar mistakes are obviously a no-no. As recruiters we can testify that […]


The Far Reach of Privatisation – Local Counter Fraud Specialists

The gradual privatisation of the NHS has many public sector workers worried and this is not just limited to health care workers. There has been a worry for some time that the contract for Local Counter Fraud Professionals within NHS Protect has been out to tender to private audit firms, although nothing definitive has been […]


BYOD – Tablets, Mobile Phones and Privacy.

The benefits of distributing company Smartphones to employees within a business have long since been recognised. It offered flexibility on the move like never before and the ability to access emails and various other documents away from the office. The Blackberry was the hot mobile work device back in 2008 but has experienced a sharp […]


From Bolam to Jones V Kaney – Expert Witnesses In Court

The erosion of blanket immunity for skilled professionals has been in motion for some time. Lawyers and Doctors no longer enjoy this privilege. Members of the court such as judge, jury, and witnesses are still under the immunity umbrella. Until recently expert witnesses were also bestowed with civil immunity. ” This was established in  Arthur JS Hall & Co v […]

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