The Need to Amp Up Caribbean cybersecurity

While few Caribbean cases of DDoS or cybercrime ever become public, because of the perceived reputational damage, there are ample reports of the existence of cyberattacks, including theft from banks; the hacking of government websites in the Bahamas and St Vincent by a group claiming to be supporters of ISIS; ransomware attacks on some Caribbean […]


Switzerland Backs New Law in Favour of Increased Survellience

In a national referendum, Switzerland voted to expand the powers of the country’s intelligence services. The Associated Press reports that this will give Swiss authorities access to phones and emails, and it allows the Federal Intelligence Service and others to monitor suspects with hidden cameras and microphones, though it would first require authorization from the […]


‘Three’ UK Mobile Customers Experience Data Breach

The mobile phone company Three Mobile UK has experienced a data breach where customer data information has been compromised. Customers logging into their accounts were presented with the names, addresses, phone numbers and call histories of other customers. According to the Guardian, One customer, Andy Fidler, told the Guardian he was presented with the data […]


Singapore Is Set To Launch New Cybersecurity Professional Scheme

The Government of Singapore will launch a Cybersecurity Professional Scheme in July aimed at attracting cyber security experts to the public sector, developing them and retaining them. The scheme is to be managed by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA), the national agency overseeing Singapore’s cyber security efforts, the new scheme is part of plans to […]


Amazon uses AI tool for Cyber Security

TechCrunch has reported that Amazon has acquired AI-based cyber-security company According to its website, uses AI-based algorithms to identify the most important documents and intellectual property of a business, then combines user behavior analytics with data loss prevention techniques to protect them from cyber attacks. already had ties to Amazon, as a customer […]

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