Cyber Threats Are As Important As Fighting Terrorism, Says New GCHQ Head

Protecting British citizens against cyber attacks must be given the same priority as fighting terrorism, the head of GCHQ has warned as online threats continue to rise. “If GCHQ is to continue to help keep the country safe, then protecting the digital homeland — keeping our citizens safe and free online — must become and remain as much […]


Morrisons Faces UK’s First Data Leak Class Action By Its Staff

The case at London’s High Court this week follows a breach of security at Morrisons in 2014 when a former senior internal auditor at the retailer’s Bradford headquarters posted the payroll information of nearly 100,000 employees on the internet. This included their bank, salary and national insurance details, addresses and phone numbers. The two-week trial, […]


Top Ten Weekly Vacancies

DFGR is a comprehensive consultancy that offers recruitment solutions within its niche market. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing support and advice at all times throughout the recruitment cycle. We aim to focus on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and matching this with the aspirations of professionals in the field. Resourcing and […]


Top Five Digital Forensics Tools

As cyber crimes increase each year with attacks becoming more sophisticated and complex; extracting the necessary evidence becomes harder. For better research and investigation, developers have created many computer forensics tools. Here is a list of the top five: 1. Digital Forensics Framework Digital Forensics Framework is a popular platform dedicated to digital forensics. The […]


Using AI for GDPR Compliance

Informatica has introduced a new set of solutions and enhancements for intelligent data lake management and enterprise data cataloging to improve regulatory compliance in the era of GDPR. The solutions also feature integration with Hortonworks Atlas and support for Cloudera Altus, expanding Informatica’s coverage across hybrid enterprise deployments, on premises and in the cloud. The […]

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