Nasdaq Signs Blockchain Trading Deal With Swiss Stock Exchange

Nasdaq has signed a deal with the operator of Switzerland’s primary stock exchange to integrate blockchain into its over-the-counter product services. According to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing from July 26, Nasdaq – which has been working with blockchain technology since as early as 2015 – struck the agreement with SIX Swiss Exchange, a subsidiary of SIX Group. […]


How Recruitment Companies Help You Land a Dream Job

In most occasions, when a candidate would be actively looking for a position in a company and has a desire to work in a particular company that they’ve been eyeing for a while, the natural next step would be to check if the company has any vacancies. If not, the candidate would simply move on […]


Singapore’s New Bill Set To Toughen Up Cybersecurity Measures

Last week, new cyber security laws to tighten up Singapore’s defences against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks were put up for public consultation. Among other things, they proposed requiring CII owners of 11 key sectors to report cyber security incidents and to share information with the authorities when ordered. The draft Cybersecurity Bill also proposes to […]


Things to Consider Before a Career Change

Here are points to help you clarify whether your urge for a career change is a passing impulse or a signal to be taken seriously. Where we work and our career choices definitely have an impact on our lives, our financial situation, our own well being etc. We all want to be healthy, happy and […]

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