UK’s Most Talented Students in Cyber Security

This year the University of Cambridge organised and hosted a high-profile cyber security competition – Inter-ACE 2017 – to identify, gather together and up-skill the next generation of cyber defenders studying at the best universities across the UK and US. The skills shortage in cybersecurity is widely recognized, and these events are a strategic initiative […]


Dublin ranked 19th in the race for ‘smart cities’

Dublin ranks 19th in an index of “smart cities” by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which forecasts that the market for “smart” technology and infrastructure used in the world’s most advanced urban areas could expand to $1.6 trillion (€1.49 triliion) by 2020. The market for disruptive technologies in industries from energy to security and mobility […]


Top Ten Weekly Vacancies

DFGR is a comprehensive consultancy that offers recruitment solutions within its niche market. As a company, we pride ourselves on providing support and advice at all times throughout the recruitment cycle. We aim to focus on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and matching this with the aspirations of professionals in the field. Resourcing and […]


The Need to Amp Up Caribbean cybersecurity

While few Caribbean cases of DDoS or cybercrime ever become public, because of the perceived reputational damage, there are ample reports of the existence of cyberattacks, including theft from banks; the hacking of government websites in the Bahamas and St Vincent by a group claiming to be supporters of ISIS; ransomware attacks on some Caribbean […]


Switzerland Backs New Law in Favour of Increased Survellience

In a national referendum, Switzerland voted to expand the powers of the country’s intelligence services. The Associated Press reports that this will give Swiss authorities access to phones and emails, and it allows the Federal Intelligence Service and others to monitor suspects with hidden cameras and microphones, though it would first require authorization from the […]

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