Difference between Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and E-discovery

Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and E-discovery may seem synonymous but in fact they fulfil very different roles and involve a very different level of expertise. All three fields deal with data and specifically with digital data. Data Recovery mainly consists from things that are broken: hardware or software. Most often, when digital device needs data […]


Advice to help Internal Investigations run smoothly! Practical tips:

The goals of an internal investigation are to understand the nature and scope of the issue and to take necessary remedial action promptly. To be truly effective, an organization should aim to achieve these goals while minimizing the impact on the company’s routine business operations. In multinational companies the regulatory and investigative climate is challenging.  […]


Tyco is offering new intelligence services by expanding Internet of Things

Tyco is a market leader in the $100 billion global fire protection and security solutions industries. For more than half a century, the company has been delivering the latest solutions to unique business challenges. Today, Tyco’s passion is stronger than ever, as the company expands Internet of Things capabilities, which enables to offer new Intelligence […]


SMEs including Espion are collaborating on a new project called CAMINO and setting the Agenda on €1 million Pan-European R&D Project

European Commission’s Seventh Framework programme (FP7) funded with €1 million a new project titled CAMINO. The Mission of the project will be to focus on key problems and tactics that exists in today’s cyber security, cybercrime and cyber terrorism and the team of small and medium entities including Espion will try to solve them. The […]


Does our police forces in a position to tackle cyber-crime? and should it be their responsibility?

IMAGE SOURCE –  As the rate of Cybercrime increases dramatically, it appears that the percentage of people ready to tackle these threats stays unchanged. The Police forces, understaffed and overwrought with other crimes, have been challenged with the idea that they should be trained to confront Cyber criminals. But is it that simple? 43 […]

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