How Does Blockchain Prevent Cyber Attacks?

With the ever-increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, many centralized repositories are under constant threat. Blockchain, however, with its decentralized structure and robust security offers a unique approach to storing information and transactions, which can prove to be immune to cyberattacks. ‘Blockchain technology could ensure security of any information.’ Chief Security Expert at Kaspersky Lab Alexander Gostev […]


UK Government awards blockchain G-cloud contract to a startup

  The UK government has now awarded a contract for the supply of blockchain platform as a service (PaaS) to startup company – Credits. It is the first blockchain platform provider to serve the technology through the Government Digital Services’ Digital Marketplace and will enable the platform to be used by organisations across the UK […]


Trump on Cyber Security: ‘No computer is safe’

The Associated Press reported surprising remarks from the US President-elect to reporters at his New Year’s Eve party in Florida. When asked about the Russian hacking allegations and his cybersecurity plans, Trump told reporters that “no computer is safe” and that, for intelligence officials, “hacking is a very hard thing to prove.” He then suggested an alternative […]


UK launches Cyber Security Inquiry

Following the alleged interference by Russian intelligence agencies in the US presidential election of 2016, UK announced that it has launched an inquiry into its cyber security defenses, as part of its five year cybersecurity strategy. The U.K. Parliament’s Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy Chair Margaret Beckett Jan. 9 called for written submissions on the […]


Cyber Security Start-ups Join GCHQ Programme

Seven start-ups have been selected by the GHCQ to work alongside the organisation as part of its cyber accelerator scheme designed to help protect the country against hackers and cyberattacks. GCHQ’s cyber accelerator forms part of the government’s £1.9bn National Cyber Security Programme and will see cybersecurity companies working within the new Cheltenham Cyber Innovation Centre […]

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