Lord Coe approaches Russian doping scandal.

IAAF were accused of covering up the incidents of doping within the Russian Athletic body. Lord Coe has just been elected President for the committee after the resignation of Lamine Diack. “I think it’s a fabulous responsibility for the IAAF to seize this opportunity and, under strong leadership, to move forward”- Dick Pound (chairman of […]


Protecting Your Media

Piracy has always been a problem for producers of a good, from way back in time where goods were forged to bring extra coin and fine cloth was cheaply woven to scam unsuspecting buyers, to today to make illegal copies of a DVD or a video game to give it out for free or at […]


Commercial drone market is taking off!

Drones (also known as ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’) are aircraft’s without a human pilot on board but guided by a remote pilot. Drones are developed mainly for military use; however they are now increasingly used for civil purposes. Current reasons for drone employment: Critical infrastructure Civil protection Disaster management Search and rescue Environmental protection Law enforcement […]


DFGR Launches its Partnership Project

DFGR is working directly with students across the UK from year 10 through to final year university graduates with the aim of assisting them to gain a competitive advantage when applying for jobs in the “real world”. After successfully piloting the scheme in 2015, DFGR officially launched their Partnership Project programme as of January 2016. […]

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