Dropbox Hack Affects 68 Million Users

A Dropbox security breach in 2012 has affected more than 68 million account holders, according to security experts. The details of those millions of users are now for sale online, including usernames and passwords. The company discovered the details for sale online while conducting routine security work. Later, Motherboard reported the exact number of affected […]


Cisco invests $10 Million in Cybersecurity Scholarship Program

A report titled State of Cybersecurity: Implications for 2015 found that more than half of the global professionals surveyed said that fewer than 25 percent of cybersecurity applicants were qualified to perform the tasks necessary for the job. Moreover, it takes companies as long as six months to find qualified security candidates, according to The […]


Must-Know Job Interview Questions for Data Scientists

Hiring Data Scientists is no easy job. Today we’ve complied a selection of questions for recruiters to help you choose the right man for the job. Job interview questions for data scientists What do you think a data scientist is/does? What do you think are the most important skills for a data scientist to have? […]


iPhone 6 Plus Infected by ‘Touch Disease’

According to multiple reports this week, the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been infected by the ‘Touch Disease’; a term coined by the team who discovered the glitch called iFixit. iFixit explains that the ‘design flaw’ is caused by two chips that it says are at risk of detaching from a circuit […]


Top 5 Cyber Security Skills To Land You A Job

As businesses globally report a shortage of cyber security professionals; the demand for them has increased. In a space such as this where the demand for certain skills exceeds their supply, it is wise to develop these marketable skills.  Here are five of the most sought after skills recruiters are looking for. Intrusion Detection Intrusion […]

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