Half of UK businesses victimised by Ransomware, study shows

A report, entitled “State of Ransomware,” sponsored by Malwarebytes explored ransomware attack frequency, how it works in an enterprise environment, ransom cost, infiltration points, impact, preparedness and more and revealed staggering data. “Over the last four years, ransomware has evolved into one of the biggest cyber security threats in the wild, with instances of ransomware […]


Roundup: Cybersecurity Trends in 2016

The security industry has only been moving forward in past few years and doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon. From big profits for solution providers to tackling emerging threats to mega acquisitions; the security industry is evolving and presenting an exciting stream of news and happenings. Today, we’ve compiled a list of five […]


Need for education systems to support cyber security professionals

  The recently published Intel Security report, surveyed IT professionals globally and revealed that respondents in all countries surveyed said cybersecurity education was deficient. Eighty-two percent of these respondents admitted to a shortage of cybersecurity skills and the dire consequences it has on their business. The shortage of skills is responsible for significant direct and […]


Cybersecurity faces critical skill gap

Intel Security’s recently published report studies the international shortage in cybersecurity skills. The report revealed key findings after surveying eight countries around the world and concluded that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is outpacing the supply of qualified workers.   The report stated, ‘In our survey of information technology (IT) professionals in Australia, France, Germany […]


Cybersecurity Tips for Growing Businesses

Cybersecurity is often an issue that is brushed aside by start-ups and small businesses. The common misconception is that a business is too small to become a victim of cybersecurity attacks. A lack of resources is also an oft-cited argument to delay the implementation of  security measures. However, given the low cost of cyberattacks, an […]

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