Robots to take over ‘substantial portion’ of desk jobs within 25 years: Report Suggests


Almost two thirds of the fastest declining job roles in the UK are dropping due to automation, according to analysis by job search engine Adzuna.

Adzuna’s comprehensive report, entitled ‘The Start Of The Curve’, identifies reasons behind the drop in demand for the fastest declining roles around the UK, with 13 of the 20 steepest decliners seeing the effects of automation.

Roles that have seen the largest drop in the last two years have been primarily caused by automation according to a report from the search engine for job advertisements.

The Start of the Curve used data gathered and analysed from over 79 million UK job adverts and found almost two thirds of declining roles were down to a switch to automated systems.

It found some of the fastest declining roles in the UK were pharmacy assistants, travel agents and translators.

Creative industries weren’t immune from automation either, with illustrators and writers featuring in the top 10 declining occupations.

Adzuna co-founder Doug Monro said:”The robots are not just coming, they are here already – in our pockets, workplaces and homes.

“Automation is already replacing jobs and could be set to replace some roles – like translators and travel agents – entirely.

“But, at least in the short term, AI advances seem to be creating new jobs just as fast.”

On the other hand, nail technicians, retail security officers and full stack developers all featured in the five fastest growing professions in the UK, when it came to the number of vacancies being advertised.


James Neave, head of data science at Adzuna, comments, ‘Using Adzuna’s unique jobs dataset has enabled us to complement recent studies which predicted the hypothetical effect of automation. Our white paper takes a different approach by quantifying the trends that we are actually observing in UK job vacancies in recent years.’


He added: “Although no-one has a crystal ball on this, it looks likely a substantial portion of all desk-based jobs will become automated within the next 25 years.”


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