‘State-Sponsored’ Hackers Compromise Irish Power Grid

Credit: Dreamstime
Credit: Dreamstime

The cyber security of the Irish electricity transmission system operator EirGrid was targeted by “state sponsored” hackers leaving its network exposed to a “devious attack”, according to

The report, issued Monday in Ireland, says that the telecommunications company Vodafone discovered last month that hackers had compromised its systems two months ago.

The attackers then installed eavesdropping software on the routers used by EirGrid and were able to see encrypted communications sent by the company.

According to the Independent, sources at the National Cyber Security Centre in Ireland and Vodafone believe that the attack was “state sponsored.” The intent of the attack was not clear and it is not clear whether malware was installed on EirGrid’s internal systems.

EirGrid transports wholesale electricity around Ireland.

The Independent reports that the internet addresses used in the attack came from Bulgaria and Ghana, but that typically means hackers routed the attack through hacked systems in those countries and were not necessarily from Bulgaria and Ghana.


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