Top 5 Tech Trends for 2018


What will be the hottest technology trends this year? We have compiled for you a list below:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While Netflix, Amazon, Google and Facebook pioneered artificial intelligence, AI is beginning to be deployed by increasing numbers of mid-sized and even small businesses.

Wearable technology

The new age of wearables tap into the connected self – they’re laden with smart sensors, and make use of a web connection, usually using Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your smartphone. They use these sensors to connect to you as a person, and they help you to achieve goals such as staying fit, active, losing weight or being more organised.

Quantum computing cybersecurity

Quantum computers, supercomputers being developed by the world’s largest countries and multinationals to solve complex problems beyond the capabilities of classic computers, can crack most types of encryption. As these computers get closer to reality, there is a desperate need for a whole new level of cybersecurity.

The market cap for quantum encryption is expected to grow in the next five years to at least 5% of the encryption market, which is estimated at $435.8 billion.

Big Data

Until now, big data was available exclusively to big companies. No longer. As more and more digital data gets collected (as when you give your phone number to the clerk at the grocery store), mid-sized and even small firms are now able to tap the power of big data analytics to carve out new strategic advantage: to lower the cost of customer acquisition, find new ways to cut costs, increase sales, personalize product offerings, and enter new markets.

Augmented reality

The hype over virtual reality, which reached its high point with the release of the Oculus Rift headset, has abated somewhat. The coming thing today is augmented reality (AR), the projection of virtual content onto the real world.

That can be used, for example, as a supplement to navigation devices – driving instructions can be projected directly onto a car’s windshield – or you could use it to see how new furniture would look in your living room.

Written by DFGR Research Team

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