Top Five Digital Forensics Tools


As cyber crimes increase each year with attacks becoming more sophisticated and complex; extracting the necessary evidence becomes harder. For better research and investigation, developers have created many computer forensics tools. Here is a list of the top five:

1. Digital Forensics Framework

Digital Forensics Framework is a popular platform dedicated to digital forensics. The tool is open source and comes under GPL License. It can be used either by professionals or non-experts without any trouble. It can be used for digital chain of custody, to access the remote or local devices, forensics of Windows or Linux OS, recovery hidden of deleted files, quick search for files’ meta data, and various other things.



CAINE (Computer Aided Investigative Environment) is the Linux distro created for digital forensics. It offers an environment to integrate existing software tools as software modules in a user friendly manner. This tool is open source.

Read More about it:

3. Open Computer Forensics Architecture

Open Computer Forensics Architecture (OCFA) is another popular distributed open-source computer forensics framework. This framework was built on Linux platform and uses postgreSQL database for storing data.

It was built by the Dutch National Police Agency for automating digital forensics process. It is available to download under GPL license.


4. SANS Investigative Forensics Toolkit – SIFT

SANS Investigative Forensics Toolkit or SIFT is a multi-purpose forensic operating system which comes with all the necessary tools used in the digital forensic process. It is built on Ubuntu with many tools related to digital forensics. Earlier this year, SIFT 3.0 was released. It comes for free or charge and contains free open-source forensic tools.

In a previous post at, we already covered SIFT in detail. You can read those posts about SIFT to know more about this digital forensics platform.


5. EnCase

EnCase is another popular multi-purpose forensic platform with many nice tools for several areas of the digital forensic process. This tool can rapidly gather data from various devices and unearth potential evidence. It also produces a report based on the evidence.

This tool does not come for free. The license costs $995.

Read more about EnCase:

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