Are Traditional Passwords Suffering a Slow Death?


The death of the password could finally be here, and all at the hands of multi-factor authentication instead of the normal single factor authentication like normal everyday passwords. With today’s modern technology, a move is on the horizon that will take place of the traditional password in order to make room for newer more updated and more secure technique of authentication. This new technique will help businesses tremendously by allowing them to have a more secure and less invasive system that will be more reliable for the business.

Out-of-band authentication, instead of relying on the traditional single Factor passwords that are more commonly found around the world, rely on a basis of continuous authentication through the use of applications that integrate a range of different inputs and factors, to make these decisions. These decisions can sometimes be indirect, due to the fact that they are on a continuous basis, so that if at any point, the system thought that the authenticated individual was not still using the computer, it would shut down.

The new platform, besides using different inputs and factors, also puts into place factors such as Biometrics, fingerprint scans and smartphone scanners, etc

The death of the password is on the horizon, but is this a good thing? We say yes. It’s become quite boring to have to keep on authenticating yourself to your computer, there must be an easier way that saves both time, and doesn’t test our patience as much, and now there is. It might not be the easiest technique to utilize, but getting used to it can’t be any harder than trying to remember your new password every 3-6 months.

In an effort to save time and help us get around our work in a more easier and comfortable manner, technology is once again there to save the day and help us all out of our troubles. The question, however, must be asked of whether this is actually a safe method of authentication or not? The answer lies in the fact that passwords aren’t really safe at all, however, it is important to note the fact that these new methodologies of user-defined, distinctive, and more specialized authentication processes are surely impossible to mimic by potential hackers, therefore deeming it a lot safer than out current traditional authentication methods.


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