Troy: Cyber Hijack and public naivety

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Upon watching this documentary, I realise the naivety children and adults possess within the technology of this era.

I had been aware of cyber attacks also known as “hacking” but were not aware fully of the severity of hacking, and the helplessness of those being attacked.

Equally surprising were the interviews shown in the documentary, of people being questioned of their social life and inappropriate photos. The people were then shown their embarrassing photos, something that would have been immensely more embarrassing if they were in a real interview, yet also something completely possible as interviewers become aware of not only your personal information, but your peers and furthermore you actions outside of the work place.

I had not been aware of the repercussions people face due to the information they release through social media.

I haven’t taken social media seriously, yet upon seeing how what I expose on social media can actually effect me not only socially but academically as a potential sixth form student. There isn’t much warning given to children of my age, and most are unaware of the dangers what they release possess to themselves in a roundabout way.

For further government awareness initiatives; I personally think that a way or raising awareness of Cyber Hijacking for the youth is to create a social media platform (Instagram/Twitter)

Assemblies are not enough for students to learn about the effects they will receive, through cyber exposure. Personally I think there should be extension on school periods often to help students gain a wider understanding of the technological world.

However I am convinced that from now on, I will watch carefully as to what I say, or do on any media platform, as the mistakes committed on the web are irreversible.

Written by Mahmoud Lansana

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