UK Government moves to ‘Active’ Cyber Security Approach


The Government is stepping up to the challenge of combating cyber crimes, and is moving to an active cyber defence position to help, according to Ciaran Martin, the new head of the National Cyber Security Centre.

According to Tech Crunch, in his first public speech as CEO of the NCSC, Ciaran Martin warned that far too many unsophisticated cyber attacks are succeeding, going on to discuss the government’s new more pro-active cyber security strategy — including looking into large scale DNS filtering as a potential method to automate blocking malware at scale.

“The great majority of cyber attacks are not terribly sophisticated. They can be defended against. And if they get through their impact can be contained. But far too many of these basic attacks are getting through. And they are doing a lot of damage,” he said.

And while he praised the efforts of the security industry to tackle cyber crime to date, he said the fact so many basic attacks are prevailing points to a systemic problem with the private sector’s approach — arguing there’s therefore a need for government to take a lead.


Back in November 2015, the UK government named cyber security a priority area, and released a a plan to nearly double spending, to £1.9 billion by 2020.

The new strategy will include using technology to automate defences against unsophisticated but high-volume cyber-attacks.

Mr Martin described this as “active cyber-defence“, distinguishing it from the US use of the term, which relates to pursuing hackers into their networks.

According to BBC, The new centre will take over incident response (ranging from covert detection to a stronger, more visible role in providing public advice and reassurance in a crisis).

In protecting critical networks, Mr Martin pointed to two challenges ahead.

One was the switch to universal credit, where, Mr Martin said, 90% of claims would be processed online – meaning one system would pay out 7% of GDP.

This means preventing online fraud will be a priority.


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