Why Automate HR?


In this era of automation, one may look around and wonder how the world would be in the near future as more and more things and processes which were conventionally controlled manually are becoming automatic.

One might wonder, “Are we humans so lazy that we want machines to do our work for us?” Well, it is not that we are lazy, it is believed that machines or software created for a sole purpose, in most cases, can fulfill its purpose more efficiently than humans.

Automation has always proved to produce better results and be more time efficient, especially now, with the wave of smart machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. Is it the same in the case of HR?

Let’s take a look at how automation of human resource processes would be beneficial.


An automated HR system can save companies a great deal of time. Firstly, it fastens recruitment processes, made possible by Application Tracking Software (ATS). ATS technology strips down the number of applicants by checking for matches between the applications and resume/cover letters and the pre-determined criteria set by the company according to their interests. This takes away a huge burden of the workload from HR personnel and saves a lot of time that they would spend on selecting applicants who qualify for the next stage of their recruitment process.

Updating employee details becomes much faster and easier in an automated HR system. Database administrators are fond of making small mistakes while editing and updating the database which later crops up by a great margin.

Tracking employee performance

An integrated HR system makes it easier to compare performances of individual employees and track their improvement. The system makes it easier to plan for various employee programs like training and orientation. Data like this can be further analyzed to help in picking up fresh employment approaches, employee appreciation and recognition of ideas and recruitment practices.

Reduced Paperwork

Human resource department probably has the most paperwork filled and documents filed compared to other departments. Automating HR processes almost eliminates the cost of printing papers, reduces paperwork and makes it easier to access employee information as everything is stored in the system in a digital form.

There are fewer disadvantages to it and privacy breach seems to be the main concern. Automation of HR processes puts all information and data at a greater risk. Password protection doesn’t stop technically savvy individuals from accessing your database easily and things can get really bad if they decide to leak your company’s private and valuable information.

Overall I believe there are more pros than cons for automating HR processes because as time passes, we will continue to overcome the cons one step after another while forever benefiting from the numerous pros.


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